We are Big Sky Cannabis

Born and bred in Calgary, Alberta, we are locally owned and operated rooted in small-town values and a big love for cannabis. Your quintessential, one-stop shop for quality cannabis, accessories, and helpful advice.


Support Local. Set the social responsibility bar high and focus our energy on serving our community, by connecting with our neighbours, supporting small businesses and collaborating with local artist and like-minded cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis – By Albertans, For Albertans

Alberta Home-grown Stars

We have made it our mission to support local communities as well as highlight local Alberta licensed producers. We are here to continue to create industry standards, and push for policies that bring only the best cannabis to the people.

Big Sky proudly carries cannabis flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles and beverages made by the following Alberta Licensed Producers (LPs).

Alberta’s landscapes encompass mountains, prairies, forests and desert badlands. The people come from all walks of life, industry and social perspectives. Big Sky feels like home, because it’s made from the same stardust as #AlbertaStrong attitude. Look up and count the stars: Big Sky celebrates them all!


Our people are cannabis-friendly and come from all walks of life, industry and social perspectives.  We are freethinkers, mountain climbers and boundary pushers. Our budtenders are experts, committed to sharing experience-based advice with everyone from doobie newbies to canna-connoisseurs.

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