Big Sky Cannabis is all about charting dope paths and putting Albertans in touch with the best legal, local weed available. We also recognize that some people gravitate towards certain strains. Whether you’re a midnight toker or edible queen, everyone has preferred consumption methods.

Either way, if your head is in an indo cloud and stoner-style astrology sounds like your cup of tea, let us light up some insights. Just remember, we’re talking stoner-astrology, not THC and CBD science. Take each nugget with a grain of salt. Personal preferences and uses vary across the cannabis community and naturally, from sign to sign.


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Those who fall in Aquarius embody the rebellious, passionate water bearer and the last air sign in the zodiac.  Free-spirited and often-off beat (in a good way), Aquarians dig their heels into tasks that matter and drive positive change as they see it in the world around them.  

To the stoner Aquarius, it only makes sense that they keep a water bong upon the mantle to help bridge the gap of their air sign with the pending water seasons. With their stellar qualities, a Sativa dominant cannabis Hybrid like Diesel Haze will stimulate all of those positive vibes into good action before finishing off with a balanced calm. 


Feb 19 – March 20

Pisces naturally thrive as a water sign, swimming in the dreams and poetry that is their mind. They are open to the flow of creativity and are idealistic and cheerful by nature.  

The key to creativity in the stoner Pisces is found by encompassing a smoke circle that opens the mind and clears the air.   Enter our dear Kush – hybrid style.  Something in the air of a Blueberry Kush or Golden Jamaican Kush will garner fluid dreams of Indica dominance from your big comfy couch! 


March 21 – April 19 

Did someone say integrity? Fearless, reliable and adventurous, those Aries are fun yet dependable.   Some say they are the best people to keep around because they remain positive in the face of adversity and tackle all of the challenges head-on and with dedication. 

The stoner Aries embarks with cannabis not for the faint of heart.  If they are going to do it, they will do it up right. Smoke the night – or day – away with a strong Sativa like Green Crack or Sour Diesel.  Aries benefits from staying cerebral and active. They need a cannabis strain that can keep up!


April 20 – May 20 

Lovers of the finers things in life, the Taurus are loyal to a fault and stubborn to a point.  The hardest of workers, these bulls are rooted in the earth sign.  As such, they are attracted to stability and consistency.  

If you are a firmly planted stoner Taurus, chances are you are loyal to the traditional Indica that is brought to us by the Kush strains.  Pure, like the heart of the bull, an Afghan or Purple Kush will do the trick and keep the Taurus grounded in their cannabis experience. 


May 21 – Jun 20 

The Gemini can go either way, intelligent and quick thinking but also volatile and a little unpredictable.  The twins exist as two sides of the same coin.  They are typically fun and extroverted, making them great adventure-seeking friends! 

The stoner Gemini will often find they can go either way in their cannabis adventures.  Some days, a Sativa is just right; others, an Indica is better.  In many cases, low THC and high CBD is the key to keeping the two sides of the personality still talking to each other.   Stoner Gemini is reminded to keep even keel and supported through their journey as the outcome can be unpredictable.  If you are a Gemini who’s on the hunt for the right weed, check out Queen of Bud’s ‘Amethyst’ or Solei’s Balance. 


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Cancers are emotional beings embodied by the water sign and always wear their heart on their sleeves.  This empathic nature makes them extremely sensitive, so they are also prone to being a little “crabby” from time to time. When times get tough, they retreat into their shells, finding comfort and safety with their homebody tendencies. 

Little stoner crab, what will help brighten your day? What will help brighten little stoner crab’s day? Consider a Sativa dominant Hybrid such as Tangerine dream or California Orange. Keep the limonene terpene profiles high to uplift that mood and embrace all of that heart power that you are!


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Leos seek and deliver love and devotion to all of the matters they approach in life.  To a fault, they are generous and dedicated, so often caught off guard by those who cannot reciprocate their admirable qualities.  

Like a warm hug, the loyal, loving stoner Leo who loves attention will benefit greatly from an Indica that isn’t too couch-bound.  Can we say pre-rolls? Leos love to share and a pre-roll multi-packs such as Redees might be the best way to go. 


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Analytical, intelligent, stubborn and driven, the Virgo has an overactive mind that constantly processes the world around them. If you want something done and done well, pass it off to a Virgo

As such, stoner Virgos tend to struggle to turn the brain off.  If you are of the Virgo persuasion, steer clear of the Sativa as it will only ramp up that monkey chatter.  A solid Indica bred for a higher CBD, preferably from the Kush family, will garner some clarity.


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Balance, peace, synchronicity – Librans know how to live harmoniously.  They often enjoy being in the company of others and land in the role of the equalizing force. 

Is it a surprise that the cannabis strains they seek are those of the balanced Hybrid? The stoner Libra enjoys fairly balanced cannabis to match their carefully balanced life.  

Although that is the best starting point, we aren’t just talking Indica and Sativa.  Stoner Libras, check out the balance of CBD and THC to level out your journey.  Best bet, check out the edibles and drinks as often the ‘balance’ is more dialled in with these varieties. 


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Chill and relaxed on the outside, Scorpios often have a lot bubbling beneath the surface.  Sometimes it is hard to tell what is happening because they hold their cards, and true feelings, so close to their chest. 

Which cannabis resonates with inner turmoil?  The stoner Scorpio might benefit from something to help make their insides match their outsides.  So we turn to the classics – Hindu or Purple Kush. Indicas to turn off the brain and put the inner world at ease. Mmmmm, that’s better, eh?


Nov 23 – Dec 20

With a strong intellect, the Sagittarius is quick-witted and compassionate.  Often extraverted, this archer sign is a straight shooter and an eternal optimist.  

This rooted optimism and intelligence is a recipe for some serious creativity and is best served with a high potency THC of the Sativa variety. The stoner Sagittarius will use their cannabis consumption to open the mind, and let the sunshine warm the soul.  It is a whisper on the breeze of a Hawaiian sunset – Maui Wowie – bring it on. 


Dec 23 – Jan 19

Ambition is an understatement when it comes to Capricorns.  They are natural-born leaders who know how to get things done and motivate others to do the same.  

The stoner Capricorn is inhibited by any strain that is, well, inhibiting. Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, honestly, pretty much any craft Sativa will do the trick! Steer clear of couch-locking Indicas and embrace Sativas that will ignite your inner power and productivity.